Good article on the Nutrition Blog about hydrating

WOD: AMRAP in 13 mins-
13 SDHP 75/115
13 Push-ups
31 Double Unders (or 15 attempts)
31 Mountain Climbers (each leg)

Rx: lbs; strict push-ups
M1: 75/115 lbs; 15 attempts
M2: 60/90 lbs; 31 dbl unders
M3: 60/90 lbs; 15 attempts
M4: 45/70 lbs; 15 attempts
MM: 35/55; 15 attempts

Rueben and Tomas our maintenance guys getting their WOD in.
Vic needs a female for the competition this Saturday! Talk to him or me (Caleb) if interested.

  1. Can’t seem to get to the post on hydration. Link broken?

    • I figured it out. I was trying to click on the Title of this blog entry… found it. Thanks 🙂 Saw the board this morning. Will def grab some coconut water & try the lemon/cucumber water.

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