5 min AMRAP

Max rep-Wall ball 20/14
*Every time you break a set, perform (6) burpees before beginning another set.



parallette climbs

Russian twist 20/14



M2: Plate climb 14/10

M3:Plate climb 12/8

Article from Practice Crossfit

I do diets. I have for going on twelve years now. Call it a profession, a hobby, a desire, a passion. I hate food and the hold it has, but I love energy and it’s effects on us. I love the body and what we can do with it when we make food nothing more than energy. That’s why, I do diets.

I have accumulated quite the following of haters and followers. The way that I prescribe is not “my way”, it is not the “only” way, it is “one” way.

The recommendations I prescribe are born out of trial and error. Humbly, I hope to always learn from others, to always teach, and always remind the the fallen that there may be another way.

When we relinquish all past beliefs, when we try something new with no pre-conceived notions, good things happen. There is no emotion in eating, if there is, if your defensive, if your attached, if your stubborn, your addicted, and the first step to relief is ownership.

That being said, I still receive numerous emails saying the same thing. “I eat really clean, and workout a million times a week, but I still feel like something is missing. Can you help”? Most of the time the answer is, “yes”, followed quickly by a request. “Show me what clean is.” Most of the time, the “clean” is my dirty.

You can click on the picture above, expand it by clicking in the upper right hand corner, and then see for yourselves, and then you can compare your daily food intake with it and see if your version of clean isn’t holding up all that hard work your doing everyday at your gym. Remember, nutrition is at the foundation of the pyramid that we as CrossFitters must support. If your excusing your way out of nutrition, your manipulating your training before it begins, your failing before you begin.

Here is what reading between the lines says every time I open a diet that says much more than what is on the page. And I won’t go into all the ins and outs, getting all geeky, just the highlights so beware, stuff will be left out.


Rice and Qunioa, oats and several other grain-like items are touted as gluten free alternatives. However, if it looks like a grain, walks like a grain, and talks like a grain….you get the picture.

This is another reach we make too excuse a behavior addiction. We want, therefore we justify. Anything that needs a justification is more than likely deal breaker, and all of the items listed above contain more than enough substance to break any diet contract.

Lectins are glyco-proteins that punch holes in our gut lining making us open to autoimmune disorders-check. Phytates are antinutrients that make us deficient-check. High carbohydrates are not essential and thereby impinge the system in too many ways to describe here. It may sound cliche, or less than sexy, but there is little substitute for meat, nuts, seeds, vegetables, little starch, no sugar.

Above is a photo of a pretty typical meal for a  guy who is about 220lbs and considerably active. Here are some critiques we asked him to do for his diet.

Calories. I would says this is definitely on the low side. With a simple rearrangement of Macro-nutrients I could afford our athlete at the very least 1000 more Calories a day. He would lean out. He would perform better. And that energy level he thinks is just “his age”, would go away. Basically, he would feel like a new man, regardless if he even thinks he feels bad now or not.

Fat. This is his energy source, and he needs more of it. Experimentation is necessary, doubling this amount is just fine.

Carbohydrates. An unnecessary nutrient is generally the source of all unnecessary disorders no matter how severe or mild. I would bring this down to below 100g while increasing his fat dramatically. Our athletes fog would be lifted, and progress would be unstoppable.

Protein. More than likely I would pull this down to 175g or so. If the athlete kept all their current muscle, or added more, it would mean that they were getting more than enough protein, and all excess protein is stored as fat, not converted to “extra” muscle. In the case of protein, just enough is far better than overdoing it.

After these changes were recommended via strict guidelines our athlete began his transformation journey. Two days later, an email asking for a change came my way. After reading the email that I have read a million times before, here is what I said;

You sound like your in withdrawal. Stay locked in rehab, and get better, look for the exit, and remain addicted. It’s your choice.

So, hows your diet stack up?

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