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Seems like everyone is so busy these days. I know our family can barely remember which direction we’re supposed to drive in moment by moment. But we’re not pretending we’re the only ones. And, um, neither should you. We have athletes that work shift work, athletes with a lot of kids, athletes with businesses to run, athletes involved in other “extracurricular” activities outside of work and home, and athletes that travel a lot. You know what? They still get here. Admit it: you’re not the only one with a full plate. A mix of planning, goals, and priorities are what help these athletes get their workouts in. They know that if they don’t make it happen, it won’t. They know that when they are healthier, they are happier, and their families also benefit. They know that “wearing out” is better than “rusting out”. They know that they second law of thermodynamics as it applies to their bodies means that our bodies will drift towards “disorder” unless they nudge it in the right direction. Besides, when you get in here, it’s your time. Anything else going on in life can be put on hold. Even though there is an awesome, supportive community here, once the clock starts, it’s just you, in your own world, pushing your body, to reach your personal goals. All you’re paying attention to is your heartbeat, your breathing, your technique, your muscle fatigue, and, well your coach. Come be selfish, for just about an hour or so.

    • Noel Pete
    • February 4th, 2013

    Athletes from amateur to professional level all experience muscle fatigue at some point. The people who tend to suffer the most however are surprisingly those who are less active. Many regard professional athletes as much more likely to have complications with muscle fatigue, however in terms of how the muscles use energy those who are less active than professionals are at a distinct disadvantage.It is very important to understand that when you are working out, you are slowly wearing down the muscles and burning all of the energy that is provided to the muscles as well. Because of the energy that the muscles burn not being able to be replaced into the muscle quite as quickly as it is burned this causes muscle fatigue to become a problem. Sports medicine professionals are all well knowledgeable in exactly how to help professional athletes reduce the problems they experience from muscle fatigue. ..

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