For time:

500 row
55 goblet squats, 24/16kg (with kettlebell)
15 double-unders (or 150 singles)
55 weighted situps, 20/12
15 double-unders
55 lunges
15 double-unders
500 row

I expect you all to be dressed like this for our workout tomorrow on our new rowers.

The Rowers Rocked this morning at 5:30am!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, this morning (Because she is so competitive) Christine flipped the big tire!

Tough Mudders 2012

On June  9th, at 12:40pm in Beaver Creek some bad *** peeps from Bladium Crossfit set out to conquer the 26 obstacles and 14 miles of the infamous Tough Mudder!  This amazing group of 29 powered through uphill climbs,  electrical voltage, an unforgettable ice bath, obstacles to throw thier bodies over and under and a camaraderie that bonded them forever.  In a few words it was unforgettable, amazing, an adventure of a lifetime, hard as heck, and inspirational.  

   Tough Mudder 2013, be a part of the next amazing team!


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